Nick's Gold Legacy & Skips Classical Heir are available for breeding to AQHA, APHA and TB mares. To make this contract valid, Block Creek Farm must be in possession of a signed original contract, photocopy of mare’s breed association registration papers showing current owner, a copy of TB’s AQHA listing number, and all fees listed below. The breeding season in force for this contract shall begin Jan 30th,  July 30th.

Conditions of Contract:

1. For the $150.00 booking fee is waived. Stud fee is $450.00 dollars. This fee must be received by Block Creek Farm prior to shipment of semen.
2. A collection/shipment fee of $250.00 payable to Pedernales Veterinary Center  is required prior to each shipment of semen.
3. Mare owner is required to put down a $250 refundable deposit for Equitainer used to ship cooled semen. This deposit may be on a credit card or in the form of a  check made payable to Pedernales Veterinary Center. Deposit must be made prior to shipment of semen. Equitainer must be returned at mare owner’s expense within three days. Refund will be made when Equitainer is received by Pedernales Veterinary Center
4. Although not recommended, purchase and use of a disposable Equitainer is available. Please call Pedernales Veterinary Center at 830-997-9889 for pricing. Mare owner must make request when asking for shipment of semen and must pay fee to Pedernales Veterinary Center prior to shipment. By making this request, mare owner understands that Block Creek Farm and Pedernales Veterinary Center will not be held liable for shipping damage to disposable Equitainer or for possible decrease in semen viability.
5. Stallion will be available for collection at 11AM Central Time M/W/F. A 24-hour notice must be given by mare owner to stallion owner (phone 210-685-2347) or Pedernales Veterinary Center (phone 830-997-9889) when requesting semen.  Confirmation or cancellation must be given by 10AM Central Time the day shipment is to be made. Normal FedEx ground shipment is available M/W/F for arrival T/Th/Sat. (Note: Some locations do not have Saturday delivery and may require mare owner to pick up shipment at a local FedEx office.) Same day (M/W/F) air shipment can usually be arranged, for additional charges due to air freight costs and manpower requirements to drive Equitainer to airport.
6. If mare to be bred is on-site at Pedernales Veterinary Center (3187 East Hwy 290, Fredericksburg, Tx 78624, phone 830-997-9889), mare owner agrees to pay to Pedernales Veterinary Center any and all fees incurred by their mare including but not limited to board, examinations and sonograms necessary to insure proper timing of insemination, as well as stallion collection fees.
7. Stallion owner guarantees to use semen with a conception level adequate to inseminate one mare.
8. In the event that mare aborts her foal, or does not deliver a live foal, stallion owner agrees to give mare owner an additional service (at a cost of $250 for each shipped collection) to said mare during the breeding season. Mare owner will once again be responsible for mare care/fees. Stallion owner shall have no further liability hereunder for servicing said mare beyond the season.
9. In the event that mare proves barren, stallion owner agrees to give mare owner a breeding service in the season (at a cost of $250 for each shipped collection) to a substitute mare approved by the stallion owner. Mare owner will once again be responsible for mare care/fees. Stallion owner shall have no further liability hereunder for servicing said mare beyond the season.
10. Live Foal Guarantee: "Live Foal" means being able to stand and nurse.
11. Breeders Certificate will be issued for the foal, conceived by this mating, when foal stands and nurses and all fees and bills have been paid in full.
12. It is agreed that should the stallion die, be sold, or become unfit for service prior to settling the mare, that the stud fee plus any already paid collection/ shipment fees less expenses owed will be refunded.
13. If the mare dies before producing a live foal or becomes unfit to breed before being pronounced safe in foal, the mare owner may breed (at a cost of $250 for each shipped collection) a substitute mare approved by stallion owner for the current breeding season or the following season only. No booking or previous collection fees will be refunded.
14. This contract is non-assignable and non-transferable.
  Mare owner___________________________________________________________________ Please print name
  Mare owner signature___________________________________________________________ Date___________________
  Mailing address _______________________________________________________________________________________
  Home Phone #_____________________________________  Cell Phone# __________________________________________
  Mare name_______________________________________________________
  Registration # ______________________ Registration Association:_________________________________
  Stallion Nick's Gold Legacy AQHA Registration # 4333661____________
  Stallion Skips Classical Heir AQHA Registration# 4333661____________

Breeding season: Booking fee $300

Collection/Shipment fee $250 Paid to Pedernales Veterinary Center P.O. Box 109 Fredericksburg Tx 78624

Refundable Equitainer deposit $250  (or) Purchase/use of disposable Equitainer $_____


by________________________________________ Date______________

Stallion owner, Harriet McCord

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